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The process of fusing science and technology to bring out the
best outcome of nutrition for our pets.

Real Food, Real Love

Finest food ingredients for all our furry friends

Premium Ingredients

Providing better safety and quality to pets

Made Fresh

Maintain whole food and nutritional integrity

Vet Developed

Superior nutrition as per industry standards

Choosing the right food for your pet

A wholesome and a well-balanced diet formulated with optimum amount of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and fatty acids by providing highest quality to ensure your pet’s lifelong health and well being.

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A Great pet Deserves a Great Food

At NUTIEPETS, every recipe we deliver creates a new opportunity to earn consumer, retailer and industry trust

pet feeding
happy owners

Made with real ingredients using Advanced process technology

We provide exceptional pet food based on science to provide essential nutritional solutions of unrivaled quality.

A little modification can make a great difference. Try out our NUTIEPETS recipes to make your pet’s life happier and healthier.

Our nutrition philosophy

Animal-based proteins for muscle building. Essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals to optimize growth. Low carbohydrates and low-glycemic ingredients to maintain healthy weight.

Featured products

You can order multiple recipes. Perfect for taste-testing and offering your dog a variety of flavors! Bring it on, picky pups.

Let’s find the perfect food for your pet

Pawsitively providing the Best

We understand how choosy our animal companions can be, that’s why at NUTIEPETS we’ve created a selection of enticing good pet foods in a variety of textures and mouth-watering flavors to keep them happy & healthy.

Our clients love us!

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